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Pang Earrings (Small Silver Hoop Earrings)

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The Pang Earrings, from Jewels Luxus Jewelry, are small silver hoop earrings that are made from three millimeter sterling silver tubing. The Jewels Luxus Jewelry Pang Earrings are just right for elegant evening wear. At Jewels Luxus Jewelry you will find a variety of hoop earrings just right for any occasion.

Size: .875 inch diameter

Please Note: Silver has a very reflective surface, because of this it is difficult to photograph silver without unwanted reflections. The black seen on the surface of the earrings above is a reflection of the black camera lens and is not tarnish. You can be certain that your new Jewels Luxus Jewelry earrings will have a beautiful polished surface.

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