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Jewels Luxus Jewelry After Midnight Earrings Thumbnail
After Midnight Earrings (Swarovski Black Diamond Earrings)

CODE: JLE10-AfterMidnight


In stock

The After Midnight Earrings from Jewels Luxus Jewelry are Swarovski Black Diamond Earrings. The earrings are entirely handmade in silver, including the... More

Jewels Luxus Jewelry Ample Necklace Thumbnail
Ample Necklace (Silver Trout Necklace For Men)

CODE: JLN12-Ample


In stock

The Ample Necklace , from Jewels Luxus Jewelry, is a Silver Trout Necklace For Men that features a one inch silver pendant with a trout design. The... More

Jewels Luxus Jewelry Autumn Day Earrings Thumbnail
Autumn Day Earrings (Unakite Earrings)

CODE: JLE15-AutumnDay


In stock

The Autumn Day Earrings , from Jewels Luxus Jewelry, are Unakite Earrings that feature eight millimeter Unakite gemstone, with Prenite gemstone and... More

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