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On The Jeweler's Bench. Prasiolite.     Date added: 04/12/2015

Gemstones. Prasiolite, a word derived from Greek, is translated literally to: leek green colored stone.

Natural Prasiolite, a macro crystalline quartz, is a rare and superb green gemstone. The finest Prasiolite gemstones are transparent and contain no inclusions. Prasiolite occurs among igneous rocks such as granite, metamorphic rocks such as gneiss, and sedimentary rocks such as shale. Natural Prasiolite has been found in Brazil, (Thunder Bay) Canada, and Poland. Prasiolite most often occurs with Amethyst.

Often, natural Prasiolite is incorrectly called green Amethyst. However, green Amethyst is made by heating or irradiating purple Amethyst that is from certain geographical areas. The purple Amethyst will turn green. These green Amethyst shouldn't be called Prasiolite. Not all purple Amethyst will turn green when heated, most often it turns yellow or brown. These gemstones are often sold as Citrine, but they are not natural Citrine. These gemstones should be sold as yellow Amethyst.

If you are purchasing a high end gemstone, and you care if it is natural or heated, you can purchase a gemstone certification from the Gemological Institute Of America. Jewels Luxus Jewelry.


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"Beautiful stones. "

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