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Pendant Necklace Jewelry

 Pendant Necklace Jewelry from Jewels Luxus Jewelry is handmade in the USA and features a variety of gemstone pendant necklaces and silver pendant necklaces. The gemstone pendants are beautiful and unique. The Jewels Luxus Jewelry Forgiveness Necklace is a fine example of sterling silver jewelry and features a cross pendant that is set with an Amethyst gemstone. Jewels Luxus Jewelry.


Shown Below: Jewels Luxus Jewelry Rhapsody Necklace Featuring Amethyst Gemstone.

Jewels Luxus Jewelry (Pendant Necklace Jewelry)

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Wire wrapped heart pendant necklace Thumbnail
Cherished Heart Necklace (Wire wrapped Pendant Necklace)

CODE: JLN16-Cherished Heart


In stock

The Cherished Heart Necklace , from Jewels Luxus Jewelry, is a Wire Wrapped Heart Pendant Necklace . The Rose Quartz gemstone pendant is heart shaped... More

Jewels Luxus Jewelry City Lights Necklace Thumbnail
City Lights Necklace (Mahogany Obsidian Pendant Necklace)

CODE: JLN10-CityLights


In stock

The City Lights Necklace is a Mahogany Obsidian Pendant Necklace . The Jewels Luxus ® Jewelry City Lights Necklace features a fifty seven millimeter... More

Jewels Luxus Jewelry Oneness Necklace Thumbnail
Dawn Necklace (Pietersite Pendant Necklace)

CODE: JLN15-Dawn


In stock

The Dawn Necklace is a Pietersite Pendant Necklace with Jadeite gemstone. The Jewels Luxus Jewelry Dawn Necklace features a fifty six millimeter... More

Glacial Ice Necklace Promo Photo

Shown above is the
Jewels Luxus Jewelry

bestseller gemstone
necklace -
Glacial Ice.
The necklace features

Amazonite gemstone,
Crystal Quartz, and

Sterling Silver.