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Luxus Collection Fine Jewelry

The Luxus Collection™ from Jewels Luxus® Jewelry features exclusive, elegant, Fine Jewelry that you will not find at the local mall jewelry store. Jewels Luxus® Jewelry offers, for your pleasure, sensational and often rare pieces of gemstone jewelry that will appreciate in value while you appreciate its beauty for a lifetime. Why not add an exclusive Luxus Collection™ item to your collection today! Jewels Luxus Jewelry.

Shown below: Jewels Luxus® Jewelry, Pink Passion Necklace (Pink Sapphire).

Jewels Luxus Jewelry Pink Passion Necklace (Pink Sapphire)

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Jewels Luxus Jewelry Brilliance Necklace Thumbnail
Brilliance Necklace (Peridot Gemstone Necklace)

CODE: JLN13-Brilliance


In stock

The twenty inch Brilliance Necklace , from Jewels Luxus ® Jewelry, is a Peridot gemstone jewelry necklace that features a one carat faceted Peridot... More

Jewels Luxus Jewelry Carmine Necklace Thumbnail
Carmine Necklace (Agate, Carnelian, Onyx)

CODE: JLN13-Carmine


In stock

The nineteen inch Carmine Necklace , from Jewels Luxus Jewelry, is an Agate, Carnelian, Onyx gemstone necklace. The Carmine Necklace features an Agate... More

Jewels Luxus Jewelry Chic Necklace Thumbnail
Chic Necklace (Multicolor Pearls)

CODE: JLN11-Chic


In stock

The thirty one inch Chic Necklace , from Jewels Luxus ® Jewelry, is a multicolor pearl necklace. The Chic Necklace can be worn as a long single strand... More

Glacial Ice Necklace Promo Photo

Shown above is the
Jewels Luxus Jewelry

bestseller gemstone
necklace -
Glacial Ice.
The necklace features

Amazonite gemstone,
Crystal Quartz, and

Sterling Silver.