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Deluxe Gemstone Necklace Jewelry

At the Jewels Luxus Jewelry Deluxe Gemstone Necklace Jewelry department you can shop for an extra special piece of gemstone jewelry for yourself or a gift for a loved one. You won't find these exquisite necklaces anywhere else, each necklace is a creative gem, and each one is a Jewels Luxus Jewelry original. Jewels Luxus Jewelry brings you the finest in gemstone jewelry. You'll find gemstones such as: Aquamarine, Crystal Quartz, Garnet, Rainbow Moonstone, Rhodochrosite and Ruby.

Jewels Luxus Gemstone Jewelry Is Handmade In USA

Shown Below: Ametrine and Amethyst Necklace. (Jewels Luxus Jewelry - Blaze Necklace)

Jewels Luxus Jewelry (Deluxe Gemstone Necklace Jewelry)

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Jewels Luxus Jewelry Blaze Necklace Thumbnail
Blaze Necklace (Ametrine and Amethyst Necklace)

CODE: JLN11-Blaze


In stock

The deluxe Blaze Necklace from Jewels Luxus ® Jewelry is a beautiful Ametrine and Amethyst Necklace . The Blaze, named for the faceted Ametrine... More

Double Strand Garnet Necklace Thumbnail - Jewels Luxus
Blush Necklace (Double Stand Garnet Necklace)

CODE: JLN16-Blush


In stock

The eighteen inch Blush Necklace , from Jewels Luxus Jewelry, is a Double Strand Garnet Necklace that features four millimeter faceted Rhodolite Garnet... More

Jewels Luxus Jewelry Crystal Palace Necklace Thumbnail
Crystal Palace Necklace (Rock Crystal Necklace)

CODE: JLN11-Crystal Palace


In stock

The deluxe Crystal Palace Necklace from Jewels Luxus Jewelry is a Rock Crystal Necklace that features eleven millimeter Rock Crystal Quartz Nuggets and... More

Glacial Ice Necklace Promo Photo

Shown above is the
Jewels Luxus Jewelry

bestseller gemstone
necklace -
Glacial Ice.
The necklace features

Amazonite gemstone,
Crystal Quartz, and

Sterling Silver.