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Necklace Jewelry For Women

Made In USA

Gemstone Necklace Jewelry For Women from Jewels Luxus Jewelry is handmade in the U.S.A. from the finest gemstones and precious metal available. We hand select our gemstones and Cultured Pearls and combine them with silver and gold to create our unique gemstone necklace jewelry for women. "Jewels Luxus® Jewelry is affordable elegance." Jewels Luxus Jewelry.

Shown Below: Jewels Luxus Jewelry Perky Necklace With Yellow Opal Gemstone.

Jewels Luxus Jewelry Perky Necklace Yellow Opal

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Jewels Luxus Jewelry Ascend Necklace Thumbnail
Ascend Necklace (Hawk's-eye and Labradorite Necklace)

CODE: JLN12-Ascend


In stock

The Ascend Necklace , from Jewels Luxus ® Jewelry, is a Hawk's-eye and Labradorite necklace . The twenty millimeter Hawk's-eye (Blue Tiger's-eye) has... More

Jewels Luxus Jewelry Bella Necklace Thumbnail
Bella Necklace (Venetian Glass and Gold Necklace)

CODE: JLN10-Bella


In stock

The Bella Necklace from Jewels Luxus Jewelry is a Venetian glass and gold necklace that features a twenty millimeter Venetian glass bead which is made... More

Jewels Luxus Jewelry Black Tie Necklace Thumbnail
Black Tie Necklace (Onyx and Pearl Necklace)

CODE: JLN13-BlackTie


In stock

The Black Tie Necklace , from Jewels Luxus Jewelry, is a Black Onyx and Pearl Necklace that features seven millimeter, double A grade, Freshwater... More

Glacial Ice Necklace Promo Photo

Shown above is the
Jewels Luxus Jewelry

bestseller gemstone
necklace -
Glacial Ice.
The necklace features

Amazonite gemstone,
Crystal Quartz, and

Sterling Silver.