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Jewelry wishes come true with gemstones: Sapphire, Tanzanite, Morganite and handmade gold and silver jewelry beautifully designed from Jewels Luxus ®.

Jewels Luxus Jewelry is handmade by designers in the USA.

We also feature exotic gemstones and unique jewelry that is handmade by Jewels Luxus ® Jewelry. Our jewelry is gift boxed and ready for giving.

Jewels Luxus Jewelry is unique, affordable elegant jewelry.

Buy a deluxe gemstone jewelry necklace or some elegant Jade jewelry that is handmade by designers in the U.S.A.

Jewels Luxus ® has rugged, handsome jewelry for men.

Cultured Pearls, dangle earrings, or perhaps a Bronzite necklace for men, from the Jewels Luxus Jewelry For Men Collection are perfect jewelry gifts.

The Jewels Luxus handmade silver gemstone rings are fine!

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The Following Gemstone Jewelry Is Featured Below:
The Cherished Heart Necklace (Wire Wrapped Heart Pendant Necklace).
The Taos Necklace (Turquoise and Moonstone Gemstone Necklace).
The Durango Necklace (Garnet and Turquoise Gemstone Necklace).
The Carmine Necklace (Agate, Carnelian, Onyx, Gemstone Necklace).
The Swing Earrings (Amazonite Gemstone and Silver Dangle Earrings).
The Flame Earrings (Rhodochrosite and Silver Dangle Earrings).
The Elegance Necklace (Gold and Tanzanite Gemstone Necklace).

Jewels Luxus ® creates elegant gemstone jewelry. Shop for handmade jewelry that includes: jade jewelry, silver jewelry, gemstone jewelry necklaces, pearl jewelry, gemstones and silver rings. Brought to you by Designers: Freehauf & Manko. We thank you for your patronage.

Jewels Luxus Sells Unique Silver Jewelry with Jade. Jewels Luxus Gemstone Jewelry is Handmade in USA. Jewels Luxus Designs Fine Quality Gemstone Jewelry!

Product of the day

Wire wrapped heart pendant necklace Thumbnail
Cherished Heart Necklace (Wire wrapped Pendant Necklace)

CODE: JLN16-Cherished Heart


In stock

The Cherished Heart Necklace , from Jewels Luxus Jewelry, is a Wire Wrapped Heart Pendant Necklace . The Rose Quartz gemstone pendant is heart shaped... More

Jewels Luxus Jewelry Taos Necklace Thumbnail
Taos Necklace (Turquoise and Moonstone Necklace)

CODE: JLN14-Taos


In stock

The Taos Necklace from Jewels Luxus ® Jewelry is a Turquoise and Moonstone necklace . This deluxe necklace features Kingman Turquoise from Arizona... More

Jewels Luxus Jewelry Ample Necklace Thumbnail
Ample Necklace (Silver Trout Necklace For Men)

CODE: JLN12-Ample


In stock

The Ample Necklace , from Jewels Luxus Jewelry, is a Silver Trout Necklace For Men that features a one inch silver pendant with a trout design. The... More

Jewels Luxus Jewelry Durango Necklace Thumbnail
Durango Necklace (Garnet and Turquoise Necklace)

CODE: JLN14-Durango


In stock

The Durango Necklace , from Jewels Luxus ® Jewelry, is a Garnet and Turquoise Necklace . The Durango Necklace features eight millimeter Pyrope Garnet... More

Jewels Luxus Jewelry Carmine Necklace Thumbnail
Carmine Necklace (Agate, Carnelian, Onyx)

CODE: JLN13-Carmine


In stock

The nineteen inch Carmine Necklace , from Jewels Luxus Jewelry, is an Agate, Carnelian, Onyx gemstone necklace. The Carmine Necklace features an Agate... More

Jewels Luxus Jewelry Swing Earrings Thumbnail
Swing Earrings (Amazonite Silver Dangle Earrings)

CODE: JLE13-Swing


In stock

The Swing Earrings , from Jewels Luxus Jewelry, are Amazonite silver dangle earrings . The blue, matched pair, Amazonite gemstone is cut into thirty... More

Jewels Luxus Jewelry Flame Earrings Thumbnail
Flame Earrings (Rhodochrosite Dangle Earrings)

CODE: JLE13-Flame


In stock

The Flame Earrings , from Jewels Luxus Jewelry, are Rhodochrosite Silver Dangle Earrings . The Rhodochrosite gemstone is cut into matched pair cabochons.... More

Jewels Luxus Jewelry Elegance Necklace Thumbnail
Elegance Necklace (Tanzanite Necklace)

CODE: JLN13-Elegance


In stock

The twenty six inch Elegance Necklace , from Jewels Luxus Jewelry, is a Tanzanite Necklace. The Elegance Necklace features eighty nine carats of faceted... More

Jewels Luxus Jewelry Autumn Day Necklace Thumbnail
Autumn Day Necklace (Unakite and Rhodonite Necklace)

CODE: JLN13-AutumnDay


In stock

The Autumn Day Necklace from Jewels Luxus Jewelry is a Unakite and Rhodonite Necklace that features Unakite gemstone from South Carolina and Rhodonite... More


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